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About the Canadian Digital Library Collection

The Canadian Digital Library Collection is a pilot program designed to empower librarians to discover Canadian ebooks from independent publishers across the nation. The heart of our initiative is a commitment to support and showcase the diverse literary landscape of Canada while providing librarians with valuable tools to enhance their selection process. Our mission is to facilitate easy access to high-quality Canadian content while giving librarians the tools they need to make informed decisions tailored to their patrons.

The collection is your gateway to a vast and vibrant literary landscape. Join us on our journey to connect readers with the stories that make our nation truly unique.

What is the CDLC?

The Canadian Digital Library Collection is a pilot program intended to help librarians find more Canadian ebooks.

The project is managed by eBOUND, a not-for-profit organisation with the mission of advancing the digital engagement of Canadian publishers.

How are books chosen for the CDLC?

ACP and BPAA member publishers submit their books to eBOUND for inclusion in the CDLC. If you’re a regional association or a small Canadian press, contact us for more information on how to be included!

How is the CDLC funded?

The CDLC is produced by eBOUND Canada with financial support from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

I have questions or suggestions!

Take our survey or contact us. We’re always looking for feedback!