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How to Use the Collection

How can I order the ebooks on the CDLC?

If you’re a librarian looking to add ebooks to your collection, please use your usual buying system. We’ve included links to Overdrive, Hoopla, DeMarque (Cantook) and Follett, but you can also export a spreadsheet with a list of ebook ISBNs.

I am a teacher or school librarian, will the CDLC work for me?

Sure! Use the Overdrive link if your school uses Sora. If there’s a library platform that you’d like to see added to our link list, contact us (link to contact site).

How do I export a list?

You will find a "Download List" button on all title selections across the site, including categories, subjects, and curated lists. It looks like this: 


Simply click that button to download a .csv file containing basic title information (ISBN, title, author, etc.) as well as any available library purchase links for each title included in the selection you are viewing.

How do I use the search and filter features?

When viewing search results on the site, please select the "Books" option within the "Show" menu in order to show only book items in your search results. You will then see two additional search filters at the top of the page: "Category" and "Audience": 



You can use the "Category" menu to see all books associated with a given category that was included in your current search. At the same time, you can also use the "Audience" menu to filter your results to focus on books for children, young adults, or adult readers.