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The Woman and Her Bear Cub

retold by Jaypeetee Arnakak

illustrated by Dayna B. Griffiths

Inhabit Media
Initial publish date
Jul 2023
Indigenous characters , Set in Nunavut
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    Jul 2023
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When a mother and daughter find a polar bear cub alone on the sea ice, the daughter cannot bear to leave it behind. Finding no mother bear in sight, the two adopt the cub and raise it as the girl’s brother.

The cub and the girl become fast friends—even if the cub’s bear sense of smell always means he wins at hide-and-seek! The cub hunts for the community, and they never want for food. But the cub continues to grow, and eventually he is no longer a fuzzy little cub, but a powerful full-grown bear. Some in the community become fearful of the bear, but the girl and her mother love him just the same.

That is, until one day, the bear returns from a hunt with another bear by his side. The mother soon learns that they need to let the cub go, in order for him to live the happy life they want for him.

About the authors

Jaypetee is an Inuit linguist (one of only two Inuit linguists in Canada), and Inuit educator. Most of Jaypetee's career has been about the Inuit language. At Nunavut Tunngavik and later at Qikiqtani Inuit Association, he served as an Inuit Language and Education policy analyst and engaged in Inuit language and education discourse at the regional, territorial, and national levels as an analyst, commentator and advocate for Inuit language and education rights. He has also worked for the Nunavut Arctic College as an Adult Basic Education instructor, an Inuit Language instructor, and as an instructor for the Interpreter/Translator Program. He currently works full-time for Inhabit Education, Toronto Office, as a Senior Inuit Language Advisor and is involved in Nunavut curriculum development and as a designer/deliverer of Inuit language courses. He was also recently appointed as an executive director for NBES.

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Dayna B. Griffiths is a multidisciplinary artist and designer with a passion for visual storytelling and problem-solving. She works primarily in the animation industry, on children’s programming, and finds joy in collaborating to develop imagery that supports a meaningful narrative. Dayna has spent her life creating in many mediums, but always feels most satisfied with a brush in hand, whether it's for ink or paint. She is based in Toronto, Ontario.

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Editorial Reviews

Adopting a lost animal and caring for it until care is no longer necessary is a story for all times. Here, a polar bear and an Arctic landscape may make this story unique, but its premise is grounded in the authenticity of compassion for those in need and dictated only by the one most affected. It is a lesson in selflessness and benevolence and a true reflection of the graciousness of Inuit values.